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07 October 2017

TECH NEWS: The New District Website is HERE!


All District Staff,


Over the past several months, the Communications and Technology department have been working extremely hard to bring a new and improved website to the district. With all of those efforts, we are excited to share that the new district website is here and will be deployed the week of October 9th, 2017.


Additionally, we are very excited about the new look and layout, as well as the ease of use when scrolling through the information. Not only is there a district site, but each school has a site as well, which will be driven by the building leaders with support from the Technology and Communications departments. This is a wonderful new addition to The Houses that Rock!


As we move forward, the new URL address for our website is However, for users that continue using, such as vendors and parents/guardians, they will be redirected to the new site. This will allow time for users to become accustomed to the new address. 


We are aware that feedback is exceptionally important to the success of our District, therefore, we have created a Google Form for you to provide any voluntary comments pertaining to the site(s). The information received will allow us to consider any potential modifications and considerations, moving forward.


We hope that each of you are thrilled with the addition of the new site, as we are very excited to release it. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.


Troy Bevans, Director of IT



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