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13 January 2017

TECH NEWS: A Friday the 13th Email Thrill

Today truly proved to be Friday the 13th, as the RIMSD41.ORG email service had some issues that required attention. On Tuesday, of this week, the email server database was upgraded. However, a physical network card became overloaded and failed, on the following day.

This hardware failure caused the database service, called MySQL, to continue waiting for a response, which created delays and errors on the end user side, which is what you were experiencing yesterday evening into this morning. The Technology Team worked diligently with the email vendor to ensure that all service issues were resolved and running, as soon as possible. Even so, it bled into the morning of Friday the 13th.

The Technology Team would like to thank the entire District for their patience, as they worked through these issues to bring the service back to normal. Below is the timeline that was displayed on the RIM Net home page during the outage this morning, to keep you informed:

Tech Update - 7:00 PM, 01/12/2017: Please be advised, we are experiencing some issues and are completing some maintenance on the RIMSD41.ORG Email service.

Tech Update - 11:28 PM, 01/12/2017: We will be bringing email services down for some database indexing and maintenance.

Tech Update - 5:00 AM, 01/13/2017 (Friday the 13th): The email service was brought back online at 5:00 AM, but we are still working on a few items. I will keep the district updated on this page as the service may be up and down at this time.

Tech Update - 6:30 AM, 01/13/2017: Working with the email vendor to get the indexed service back online.

Tech Update - 7:10 AM, 01/13/2017: Email is flowing again, however, the webclient is still being worked on to interface back in with the database configuration, as you may see this error - Cannot auto create the database.

Tech Update - 7:40 AM, 01/13/2017: If you are able to view emails, via your client (not web client) and see some emails from "Mail Delivery Subsystem", please delete those.

Tech Update - 8:40 AM, 01/13/2017: The server database is fully updated, but the connection to the web client is still in process for database authentication. I am waiting for a vendor call back and will continue these updates until fully resolved.

Tech Update - 9:15 AM, 01/13/2017: Just received a call from the vendor and the web client should be back online at or before 10 AM.

Tech Update - 9:33 AM, 01/13/2017: The web client is back online! Announcements will be made to ensure you are able to connect.


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