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16 May 2017

TECH NEWS: New Service from Technology Called Live Learning Sessions



By definition, Learning is the process of absorbing information in order to increase skills and abilities and make use of it under a variety of contexts. However, with all of the new systems that have been/will be put in place over several months, it may be difficult to absorb this information. Therefore, the Technology Department has created a service called Live Learning Sessions, which can be located on RIMnet, under the Technology section. 


This service provides a booking calendar where you can select an available block of time, which provides you with up to 30 minutes of one-on-one with a Tech Team member. At this time, I am the individual from the team that will be working with you, which provides an opportunity for me to meet everyone, as well as for you to meet me. You can also book more than one session, but only one 30 minute session at a time.


The goal for these Live Learning Sessions are to provide you with the necessary skills to understand and utilize the software and systems that have been, or will be, deployed and required to be utilized each working day. Once you book your time slot, any necessary email notifications will be received. When the Live Learning Session time arrives, you will call the number listed in the email to connect directly with me. I will then connect remotely to your computer and begin the learning session. 


Once the session has begun, this is the time for you to ask all of the questions you have, but remember, we only have a 30 minute (maximum) session, therefore, a focal point on a specific agenda is recommended. Additionally, this service is provided for learning purposes and is not related to putting in a Tech Ticket. A Tech Ticket is for the purpose of resolving/fixing a technology issue, where the Live Learning Session is transferring knowledge by providing the necessary skills to utilize the required technology software and systems.

Below is the link that will take you directly to the Live Learning Sessions for booking a time slot. I look forward to working with each of you to provide opportunities that may assist when working with the district's technology systems. 

Please provide feedback on this service, as my hope is that it provides all of you with exceptional support and value. With that in mind, let's LEARN and GROW together! Have a great day everyone!



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