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15 July 2017

TECH NEWS: Email Service Upgraded to v12

IceWarp Cloud Scheduled Maintenance

July 15, 2017 1:00AM-4:00AM CDT


Our District email service was upgraded to an improved interface on July 15th. This upgrade provides several new features, however, if you notice you cannot view your email, your browser cache may need to be cleared. The Technology Department prefers that all users utilize Google Chrome for the Internet browser, except when requiring reports from the K12 system, as you will need to use IE for this task.

Below are the instructions that will assist you in clearing your browser cache for Chrome and Safari, if you experience an issue when attempting to log into the email service:


-Click the Settings button (It looks like three vertical dots in the upper right corner)
-Hover over 'More tools'
-Click on 'Clear browsing data'
-Check the top four 
check boxes
-Under “Clear the following items” choose “the beginning of time” from the drop down list
-Click “Clear Browsing Data” button



Instructions for clearing browser cache in Safari on a Mac

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